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Project Description

Express CMS is a simple but complete solution for create a website with all required ready to use features. All you need to do is:

- Download the setup
- Install the setup to your machine
- Open the website
- Login with user name "admin" and password "admin"
- Change website settings according to your needs
- Create / edit pages using Page and Navigation user CMS Setup menu
- Select the theme you like from 80+ themes given at the bottom

Your site is ready.

Note: Please give write permissions to aspnet user / networkservice user on app_data folder before login.

This provides features like
- Manage Page (add / edit / delete pages of your site)
- Manage Roles (add / edit / delte user roles for your site)
- Manage Users (add / edit./ delete users for your site)
- Contact us form
- Blog / Blog roll and Tag Clouds
- Guest Book
- Google Map to show your address on google
- Send SMS (create groups, add contacts and send sms - india only), contact for free SMS credits),
- Create product listing alogin with product image and description
- Create News List
- Create Events
- Create Photo Gallery (with Slide Show and/or SilverLight)
- Subsonic integrated to use your database

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